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Chinese New Year tradition gets rolling on the last day of the year, when on the final day each household gathers for a large formal dinner. The main dish given at this occasion is a large, juicy fish (a), in a spicy broth that symbolizes prosperity. Around midnight, it’s customary to consume large, symbolic Chinese dumplings (guo-dong or yu-dong), representing wealth, because these are shaped just like the small golden coins you’ll see around China.

New Year

On Chinese New Year’s Day, each household is expected to decorate the house with lots of paper and flowers. They also decorate their homes in terms of their Feng Shui elements, including the placement of pillows, tables, and other fixtures. At the beginning of the New Year, every household holds a “huo-long” celebration, where they put all the items that have been passed down from the first generation in order.

After the traditional Chinese New Year tradition has been completed, each household will then use red paper flowers, and a white silk flower wreath to decorate the front porch and door. They also decorate the doors and windows with a lot of silk decorations. They will hang silk ornaments to place on every branch or hang silk ornaments that symbolize wealth and prosperity on every branch of the tree. On each branch of the tree, they will hang silk ornaments that represent a fortune symbol for the coming year. You can read about chinese new year facts from the highlighted link.

Read Paper Flowers

Each home will then put red paper flowers, red silk flowers, and an old Chinese silk flower wreath to the doors and windows. On the first day of New Year, they will also hang the traditional New Year’s bells around the house.

For a full New Year celebration, the family may add some other decorations around the house such as red paper flowers and red silk bouquets and ribbons, red paper ribbons, red silk flowers, red silk ribbons, and red silk ornaments. For those who live far away, there is no need to go out and buy all these decorative items; just make sure you bring a few extra red paper flowers, red silk bouquets, and red silk ribbons, and red silk ornaments with you and set them in a good location that will be seen when you are getting ready to leave for the New Year. You can put them under your pillow on your bed when you wake up in the morning.

Enjoy The Ambience

When you go out for the first time to celebrate the New Year, it’s a good idea to have red paper flowers and red silk bouquets and red silk ribbons with you so that you will be easily recognizable if people see you on your travels. You can carry these flowers with you in your purse and hand them out to everyone who is familiar with your life and culture.For the children, you should also give each of them one red paper flower for each year of your life or have red paper flower to put inside the bag with the children’s books of wishes. For each wish that comes to you, write it down in a little note for them to carry with them for the New Year, and you will get a red silk flower when you leave for the New Year.

This tradition of giving red paper flowers on New Year’s Day is a tradition that will never die. You can find these red flowers all over the world and they will be very useful for a long time to come as well. The Chinese New Year will not die, because you will always find a new tradition that uses these Chinese flowers for many years to come.

The Chinese zodiac and it’s History

The Chinese zodiac can be traced back to the time of Confucius, who developed the concept that the twelve animals are representative of the forces of heaven and earth, as well as the five elements which were related to human life. The animals were associated with the elements by meaning that a lion, for example, was linked to wind, a dragon to fire, a horse to water and a pig to earth. Throughout the centuries the idea of a fixed pattern evolved, and it is today thought that the Chinese zodiac system is the oldest in the world.

The Chinese zodiac system is based on the 12-month lunar calendar, which assigns each animal a sign that represents its characteristics of the year. The 12-year cycle has been an approximate approximation to the moon’s orbit, so that the celestial body also influences the cycles of the moon during the year.

There is also a variation to the Chinese zodiac. In China, the moon and stars have a slightly different influence on the patterns, but their main differences are similar to what occurs in the western hemisphere.

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